my 7-minute makeup routine

i'll be the first to admit i'm not by any means a makeup genius. my knowledge begins & ends with random get-ready-with-me videos on youtube. however, now that i've been working in the mornings, i've found a routine that is simple, quick, & still gives me freedom to be creative with my makeup. in this … Continue reading my 7-minute makeup routine

november bojo spread

hello, friends! over the past several months, i've jumped onto the bullet-journaling train. i've always been a big-time planner, so having a space not only to plan my heart out but to customize makes my month so much easier. the journal i have is from amazon. the paper isn't too thin, & my pens don't bleed … Continue reading november bojo spread

why i stopped trying to lose weight for good

this summer, i started going to the gym for the first time in my life. it was... intimidating, to say the least. the most i ever exercised was in middle school with martial arts. otherwise, exercise is not for me. but, eventually, i put on my big girl pants & started working out. also this … Continue reading why i stopped trying to lose weight for good

recent favorites in music

happy monday! today i wanted to give you a little taste of what i've been listening to & a few of my recent favorites. i like to transition to quieter tracks during fall and winter & it's fun to bring them out just in time for the season. but, this year, i discovered a bounty … Continue reading recent favorites in music

1 tshirt, 3 styles // autumn edition

this week marks for me the beginning of midterm season. which means it's time to actually start remembering all the information we've been regurgitating weekly for tests. at this point in the semester, it's easy to throw on a giant sweatshirt and leggings and call it a day. today, i'm hoping to give you a … Continue reading 1 tshirt, 3 styles // autumn edition

how i get ready for fall

fall is my favorite thing. fall, put simply, is the epitome of every hufflepuff dream. fuzzy blankets, spiced coffee, crinkly leaves under boots, gentle wind in your hair... wow. that hits my inner puff. even the word autumn sounds magical. i basically prepare for fall all year round, but now that we're nearing the 'official' beginning of autumn, … Continue reading how i get ready for fall